Benno and the Parliament of wild Animals

von Hartmut Sannecke
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von Hartmut Sannecke

An exciting novel for children and adults. A fable with amazing similarities to German history.

Frankfurt in July 2006, three days before the World Cup final. Benno is looking forward to a great soccer weekend with his friend Moritz. But Benno’s history teacher puts a damper on this anticipation. Benno is given the task of writing an essay about parliament. Parliament? Unfortunately, Benno doesn’t know anything about parliament because he didn’t pay attention in class. Benno only has soccer on his mind.

But then Benno unexpectedly finds himself in an exciting adventure: on his way home, he is approached by a mysterious lion who wants to help him write the essay. As a reward, he is even offered tickets to the final game in Berlin. In Paulskirche (St. Paul’s Church) in Frankfurt, the lion has hidden the first chapter of a story entitled “The Parliament of Wild Animals. Benno also finds a magic map there with instructions on where to find the next chapters of the story. The ball starts rolling….

Benno embarks on an unforgettable journey to Berlin. There, in the next chapters, he learns how the Great Tiger created the Land of Wild Animals, became chancellor, and founded a parliament. Benno learns how the Loud Elephant, the emperor of the Land of Wild Animals, plunges the country into misfortune and how the animals found a republic. That they are still very inexperienced and how the dangerous crocodiles and jackals therefore cause a lot of trouble.

Benno und das Parlament der wilden Tiere

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