Probably the most exclusive gift for men who have everything

What gift do you give to a man who has everything if you want to make him happy? It should be something striking and unusual — and most of all, it should be personal. It should be something very special and natural and — if possible — exclusive.

“Not easy!” you say? “Yes, it is!” I respond. I have the perfect idea to surprise that very special person. You can be assured you will make an impression with this gift. One that will last a long time.

The most personal gift in the world

I will make what is surely the most unusual art portrait in large format exclusively for you.

Unlike anything else, in my style, the one I have created, the so-called picture composition, a multi-dimensional cubistic portrait that tells a story.

You have two possibilities: you can either have me make a portrait of you, or you can give a portrait voucher to the person you want to surprise.

Especially popular choices are portraits for successful company directors or colleagues who stand out from others because of their very special personalities, who are charismatic or popular or unique or all of these things together. I will prepare an individual gift certificate for you in this case. But you will not only be giving a portrait of yourself; the package includes a photo shoot, an event of self-experience and a gift “in several acts” because I guide every person I portray through a process of multiple stages.

Perhaps you are the spouse and partner of a man whom you love above everything else. Then have me prepare a portrait of you. Show yourself to him from your most beautiful sides. Perhaps I will even find a few more sides to you. If you are bold, you can show intimate details that are discernible as such only to the two of you. My portraits contain secrets that remain secrets unless you reveal them yourself.

A large portrait of a person who is happy to see and likes him- or herself is very popular as a joint gift presented by a group of friends. The portrait is usually hung at a central location in the house where it captures the eye, is always a starting point for a conversation every time it is seen, because you will often discover something new in the portraits even after years.

Take a look at my work, especially the portraits on this website; I describe in detail what I do on the page entitled “The Most Personal Gift in the World”. I have answered many of the questions that are repeatedly asked about my work on the videos that can be viewed on this site.

Write to me and tell me what persons you want to make happy. I will help you to find the right portrait for you; I look forward to hearing from you.


Hartmut Sannecke