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I create what is probably the most unusual type of art portrait for you.
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I create what is probably the most unusual type of art portrait — in a large-scale format and exclusively for you. For a person who is close to you or for you yourself.

Allow me to portray you in a completely new way. In my own style, influenced by cubism, as a multi-dimensional and structured image composition comprised of macro photos.

When I look at a person, I see more than just his or her physical body — I perceive as well the surroundings that shape the personality. These influencing factors are most strongly pronounced at the person’s home or workplace.

That is why I come to your home (or your workplace) to do my work; I look for your very special characteristics within the context of your personal environment and incorporate specific details into the presentation so that a new image arises.

You yourself have a decisive impact on the form of the portrait because you decide how much of your innermost personality you want to reveal and how far you allow me to enter your personal sphere.

Immerse yourself in an adventure — the discovery of fully new aspects of yourself or the person close to you.



Phone call ahead of timePersonal consultation and discussion of the project schedule
TravelTo your home or to the home of the recipient of your gift
Introductory conversationGetting closer, personal interview, final consultation for clothing, make-up, hair
Photo shootDuration: minimum two hours
ComposingExtensive picture composition work and picture editing of the single photographs
FormatIndividual and completely according to your requests (between 100 x 150 cm/40 x 60 in and 200 x 300 cm/80 x 120 in)
PrintHigh-quality gallery print (acrylic glass and Dibond aluminium composite panels) or simple Dibond aluminium, ready for hanging other carrier material as needed
Price$ 4,000
Including production on glossy paper up to 100 x 200 cm/40 x 80 in
Plus surcharge for larger formats or gallery print or other carrier materials
Plus travel expenses
Plus shipping
DeliveryAll of the works are signed and certified when delivered.
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