Successful Women

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  • Creation of remarkable and unique photo portraits of successful women
  • Compilation in a series


  • Picture compositions comprising macro shots
  • The photos show only parts of the person, never a complete shot of the entire person
  • Embedded in shots of specific details from the person’s life; what they represent is not necessarily recognisable
  • Detail shots may be of common, everyday items or furnishings as well as intimate aspects of the person
  • Hartmut Sannecke calls this form of expression “Deep Insights”


  • Gallery print (acrylic glass and Dibond aluminium composite panels)
  • Dimensions: 100 cm x 200 cm


  • The portrait reveals a completely new perspective for the person in the portrait as well as for others
  • The person in the portrait is the only one who knows the significance of each detail
  • The composition as a whole remains forever mysterious because only the person in the portrait can reveal its full meaning


I am looking for
  • … women of charismatic personality who can point to a particular or a long-term success in their lives and
  • … women who are known to a broader public